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At Arrive, our team members are our greatest asset. However, we know that technology plays a critical role in setting our team up for success and improving your experience as a customer. We stay on top of software development and innovation so that we can provide the best service in the industry.

gps tracking

Arrive Logistics offers GPS mobile tracking to our customers and carriers on every load. This level of visibility helps Arrive communicate effectively and maintain a high level of service from pick up to delivery.

online tracking

Arrive's online portal makes it easy for you to find your freight during transit, in real time. Log on any day, any time for a status update.

load matching

Arrive's load matching software allows our carrier team to identify active capacity within our network. Your freight will be serviced effectively and efficiently.

Key Performance Indicators and Custom Reports

Our team runs customized KPIs and reports based on your supply chain needs to give you data driven solutions.

24/7 Carrier Monitoring

Arrive has high standards when choosing the carriers we work with. Our stringent requirements and unmatched due diligence help you mitigate risk. Our software is designed to prevent using carriers with poor safety scores, insurance, or authority status.


Eliminate errors and boost productivity through Arrive's EDI integration. We have the ability to streamline order entry, truck assignment, and accounting processes.

Our software

Arrive's unique carrier network is made even more valuable through our technology. When capacity is sourced, the truck is entered into our system. When a customer places a request that matches that truck's capacity, our team is immediately notified. This ensures quick, efficient service and high carrier utilization.

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