Travis Cohoon – Michigan State University 2015

Where did you go to school? 
I attended Michigan State University where I earned my Bachelor of Arts with a degree in Economics, and was involved in the Finance Association.

How did you find Arrive?
One of the many career resources at Michigan State is “My Spartan Career,” which is where I first found Arrive. The decision to pursue an opportunity at Arrive was an easy one, and there a number of different factors that went into that decision. The main reason being that I absolutely love to be around energetic people, and when I first met Tony Hammonds and Kari Wainwright I knew that this company was a fit for me. However, it did take some convincing from me for them to agree that I would fit into their framework.

What keeps you here?
The people here are incredible. That may be the most generic answer to a question like this, but I truly mean it. As we continue to grow so quickly as a company we have been able to maintain the family atmosphere, which is a testament to how accessible our senior management continues to be.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads?
I’m 24 years old, so I’m not going to have any type of profound advice.

  1. Enjoy your remaining time in college, and embrace everything your campus has to offer.
  2. Find something you’re passionate about, and work at it every chance you get.
  3. The world has provided you with endless opportunities, so don’t get caught up when one doesn’t work out.
  4. You should have gone to Michigan State

Describe Arrive in 3 Hashtags!
Answer: #arrivetribe #staywoke #embracedebate

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