Marcus Henry – Middle Tennessee State 2015

Where did you go to school?
I attended school at Middle Tennessee State. The best school in Tenn!!  I was a member of the football team and participated in various after-school community programs. Most people wouldn’t automatically think that playing sports in college would prepare you for the real world, but in reality I think being a student athlete is the best preparation for all the obstacles that come your way after graduation. I enjoyed and valued all the good, and bad, experiences that came with playing sports in college.

How did you find Arrive?
It’s funny how I found Arrive. I was a logistics manager for a computer engineering company and really enjoyed the day to day duties of the freight business. However, the company I worked for was limited on growth and development opportunities.  So, one day I went on indeed and typed in ‘logistics’ and came across Arrive… and it was like love at first sight from there!  I was extremely interested because of the growth opportunities, and the base salary plus commission payroll system. I’m the type of guy that understands the importance of hard work and how being a consistent hard worker will get you far in life no matter what you’re doing. Now that I’m in love with Arrive I honestly don’t think I’ll ever leave.

What keeps you here?
I love the work environment at Arrive and how everyone is like a big family. I enjoy the fact that this company is not like your typical corporate environment where you have to dress up and go on lunch break at the same time everyday. Each day is different and challenging in it’s own unique way. It’s a position that will make you bring your A-game everyday because of all the competition within the office. I enjoy competing, what athlete doesn’t? I appreciate the opportunity to learn the business and most importantly be a valued part of Arrive Logistics. Also, you get unlimited GATORADE on top of other beverages and get a free lunch every Friday! You can’t beat that with a baseball bat if you tried.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads?
My best advice for soon to be college grads is to make sure you have an idea or a plan of what you really want to do career wise. I just so happened to luck up and find a career field that I love, but that doesn’t happen for everyone. Also, don’t be afraid to take a risk… when opportunity knocks, always answer. Never ask who is it!

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