Matthew Janne – Texas Tech 2016

Where did you go to school?
Initially, I attended school at Blinn College in Bryan, Texas with the intentions of eventually transferring to A&M (I’m from College Station). Long story short, I applied to Texas Tech to study Petroleum Engineering and actually got accepted! Conveniently enough, the oil industry went downhill from that day forward, so I transferred from the Whitacre College of Engineering to CASNR (“the ag-school”) and studied Agricultural and Applied Economics. WRECK ‘EM!

How did you find Arrive?
I found Arrive through the Hire Red Raider’s network at Texas Tech. I pursued Arrive because of my interest in logistics and because of the proximity to my family. At the time, I was working as an intern for a medical sales company that required me to travel out of town while I was a full-time student, so when I saw that the annual travel requirement for Arrive was 0%; I applied! The recruiting team at Arrive kept me reeled in by actually getting to know me. At the time, I was interviewing for 6 or 7 jobs and once I met with the folks at Arrive, I was able to significantly narrow my options. I had several interviews with Kari and the recruiting team at Arrive and I was very impressed with the company as a whole. I feel like I made a great choice!

What keeps you here?
I chose this job because of the dynamic work environment and the people. I wanted to work somewhere that would challenge me every single day and I have not been disappointed. What I really enjoy about Arrive is seeing how motivated people are to succeed. There’s been days where I’ve made over 100 phone calls and got rejected every time, but it’s all part of the grind. You have to trust the process. The people at Arrive keep you focused and on target. I also enjoy the culture of the office, the diversity of the people, the free drinks, Friday lunches, stealing my coworkers hot sauce, and imparting my unsolicited wisdom amongst the freight assassins in my immediate area.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads?
Get in front of as many employers and recruiters as possible! Be open to all opportunities and always do your research before making any decisions. Use whatever personal & social network that you have available to increase your likelihood of finding potential career opportunities. If you meet most, but not all job requirements; apply for it anyway — the worst an employer can say is no!

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