Danny Morales – University of Iowa 2016

Where did you go to school?

I attended the University of Iowa, also known as “Hawkeye Country”. I studied Business entrepreneurial enterprise leadership. Meaning, I went to school to learn how to start, grow, develop and manage businesses as well as manage others. I was highly involved in managing a Moped business, dabbling in sales and marketing as well. I was able to learn the ins and outs of how to build and manage a business, from accounting to inventory. I also worked at Arctic Glacier Premium Ice, Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group and, believe it or not, I also worked security at a bar called The Summit. I played a lot of intramural sports and was involved with business entrepreneurial events through school. I worked a lot throughout college to prepare myself for when I graduated.

How did you find Arrive?

I found Arrive through the University of Iowa HireaHawk resources, doing some research via LinkedIn and Indeed. Bianca, Kari and Sagel did an amazing job selling me on Arrive, and I was highly impressed by their knowledge of the industry. They were so transparent and helped me through the process as I made my transition to Texas. After my onsite interview with Tony and shadows with Jessica Neal and Max Reho, I knew that working at Arrive Logistics would be the perfect choice for me. I remember emailing Sagel thanking her for the opportunity for having me come in and interview…I was sold on the opportunity to grow with a brand new company. Arrive keeps growing and I am blessed to be apart of a company that does anything and everything to keep their employees happy. I feel valued and respected at Arrive, I never come in thinking that I’m just another employee on their payroll. I know that I am a key player.

What keeps you here? This job can be tough at times, but what do you love? What about Arrive/your position keeps you coming back for more?

Lunch on Fridays and massages on the first Tuesday of every month, that’s what keeps me here! Beyond the perks, I love the culture at Arrive. My colleagues and managers make every day worthwhile. The best part is that I get to come in and have friendly competitions with my coworkers and we push each other to get better. You have to come in thinking that you’re going to do better than the day before.

I enjoy and love my role, but I won’t settle and I want to succeed and one day have enough experience to become a manager. “Success is what you make of it”, I set goals for the week and for the month, aside from the goals set on ambition. Since the first day I stepped into Arrive, I’ve had the mindset to learn as much as I can. Starting from the training room with Tara, to Hot Pod 1 with Garcia, to Hot Pod 2 with Nick and Anthony and now being on the floor. Every day is a new day and some days will be better than others. If you come in with a positive attitude, willingness to learn and bust your butt off… it will pay off in the long run. As Carrier Sales Manager Culp said, “This is a blue collar job, with a white collar paycheck”.

I believe that putting myself out there has helped me get to where I am today. Cold calling isn’t as hard when you have a plan and you execute upon it. I enjoy speaking with others and building relationships with my carriers. Two important words to live by are respect and persistence, if there is an issue I go straight to the source and fill them in on the situation. Whether that be with my carriers or customer reps, that goes a long way. You have to come in and build relationships with your customer reps. Three key things that have helped me with the customer reps are transparency, detailed internal comments and tracking updates. We all are here to make money and succeed, so when we work in unison and play our roles then we all make Arrive a successful company.

“The man who does more than he is paid for, will soon be paid for more than he does.”


Have any advice for soon to be college grads?

Utilize your university resources such as career fairs and alumni networking; LinkedIn has got to be the best for networking and seeking potential employers. Reach out to alumni, email, connect with others, utilize your parents if you have to. Build your resume with experiences, but also do your research on the companies that you may have interviews with. Arrive early and come prepared with questions. knowing something about the industry or even when the company was founded helps in having fluid conversations. At Iowa, there were always mock interviews and elevator pitch competitions. I even took two acting classes with improv so I could step out of my comfort zone and adapt to my surroundings. Don’t be afraid to take risks… as crazy as it sounds, life is all about taking risks. Job hunting gets tough and you’ll hear a lot of ‘no’s’ but when one door closes another opens. Lastly, be true to yourself. Go out and do what makes you happy; if you aren’t excited when you walk through the doors at your job then that job isn’t for you.

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