ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT – University of Texas

  |   September 22

Christian May – UT Austin 2017

Where did you go to school?

I attended the University of Texas, Austin (Hook ‘Em) and earned my degree in Economics. I joined an organization called Iron Spikes and was in various other Economics clubs. I’ll always bleed burnt orange.

How did you find Arrive?

The career fairs at UT are great. That’s where I first stumbled upon Arrive in the fall of 2016. I had actually applied to Arrive previously and didn’t get past the phone interview. In the spring of 2017 I saw Arrive at the career fair, luckily our awesome recruiters convinced me to apply again. The on-site interview made me realize how down to earth and welcoming everyone at Arrive was. I instantly loved the culture and the people that I met. I had many interviews with companies that seemed like dead-in, wear a suit everyday, type jobs. I never wanted that type of life so I was set on accepting my offer from Arrive when it came through. The huge potential for growth, the causal attire, and free Friday lunches sealed the deal for me.

What’s your favorite thing about Arrive?

Everyday here is different. This is a place and job where you’ll never get bored or fall asleep at your desk. I love that aspect of Arrive. Time flies when you’re out here slangin’ freight, it feels like yesterday that I just started my career at Arrive. I honestly thought I would be filling out excel spreadsheets my whole life, so having a job that presents a new challenge everyday is amazing.

Have any advice for prospective Arrive candidates?

Don’t settle for just any job when you get out of college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after college, but I did know what I did not want to do. Be open to new jobs you don’t know much about. I knew nothing about the freight industry but I couldn’t be happier that I took a chance and found an industry that I love.

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