Dates: 6/1 OR 6/7 through 8/20 ---- Compensation: $15.50/HR ---- Location: Chicago, IL (In office)

What will you be doing?

You will be supporting either our sales or operations team. Our interns have the ability to make a real impact by either supporting our customer accounts or finding coverage for high-priority freight!

What does training look like?

You will learn from industry leaders all Summer long! Our Intern Program Manager will lead you through best-in-class training the first week of the program before you join our Sales or Operations teams. You will also be able to benefit from speaker series and exposure to high-level decision makers throughout the program. The internship will also feature continuous education on professional development led by our Recruiting team!

Who will I be working with?

You will be partnering directly with sales and operations managers in our Chicago, Illinois office. You will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with employees of all tenure at Arrive! Our intern classes are comprised of the best and brightest talent from schools all over the country.

Who do we want to hire for our internships?

We’re looking for personable, hard-working individuals who aren’t afraid to go above and beyond each and every day for themselves and Arrive.

Resourcefulness is key! We are solving complex issues each and every day at Arrive. We need team players who are curious, ask questions and are solutions-oriented.

A strong work ethic is essential. If you don’t enjoy working hard and hustling through your day, this might not be a good match.

Your career at Arrive will depend on your fearlessness to make phone calls. We’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to pick up the phone!

Building relationships and establishing rapport should come naturally to you. Successful sales reps at Arrive will know the importance of establishing strong external AND internal relationships.

Our work culture is high energy! We need highly motivated individuals to help us reach our goals.

You should feel comfortable taking risks and making quick decisions! Our industry is fast-paced. Highly ambitious people thrive!

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