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Director of Engineering

This position reports to the VP of Engineering and is responsible for managing and coordinating multiple development projects, teams and resources. You will be responsible for their success. This position will strategically plan and deliver multiple development projects and enable the team and software to scale. 


  • People – you’ll be responsible for the people under your purview. This includes 1-on-1s, career development, reviews, recruiting, training, mentoring and whatever else it takes to build and maintain successful teams.
  • Strategy – you’ll be part of a leadership team whose job it is to design and implement a strategy for achieving the short and long term goals of the broader Engineering Team.
  • Process – you’ll be responsible for analyzing, designing, implementing and optimizing processes that your teams will leverage to be effective, with a focus on autonomy.
  • Culture – you’ll be responsible for evangelizing the Edge culture – Diversity, Responsibility, Independence, Valuing Ourselves, Excellence, Freedom, Action, Speed and Teams (DRIVE FAST!).
  • Collaboration – you’ll be responsible for coordinating with your peers on the leadership team. This requires not just the tactical interactions that keep development flowing, but the strategic conversations and decision-making that let us adjust to changing conditions.
  • Communication – you’ll be responsible for advancing the goal that everyone in a growing organization have timely and transparent access to the information they need to do their jobs effectively.


  • People Management – every employee is unique, with different skills, different needs and different goals. As a great manager of people, your style will reflect this and your team will know that Arrive Logistics is the best place to build software.
  • Team Management – teams are the central building block of our organization and teams – like people – have needs. As a great manager of teams, your style will reflect this and will celebrate the individual personality of each team and facilitate each team’s path to excellence. Your style will also reflect the fact that teams are dynamic, constantly evolving, and require constant attention, much like people.
  • Technical Supervision – you will hire and manage very skilled technical people, but you must have the ability to conduct a “smell test”. Even good architects can overlook serious scalability, cost and security flaws, and even the best developers can be guilty of overly optimistic estimates – you must deploy your technical instincts to catch these before they cause long-term damage. You will also use a broad range of tools from pull requests to architectural reviews to ensure excellence.
  • Process Management – because every team is a little bit different, you must work to decide which processes should be universal and which can be left up to the team, with a bias towards the latter. You will clearly document the core processes and teach your team to apply them consistently. You will also monitor those processes in order to know when a process has stopped scaling effectively or has ceased to be useful.
  • Communication – one of the hardest things to do right in a growing company is to communicate effectively – you’ll know how to reinvent and validate your communications strategy regularly.


  • 7-10 years of engineering experience, including managing a modern team of engineers 
  • Clear ability to pragmatically balance business priorities with technical constraints
  • Experience driving initiatives, while holding teams accountable for results and ensuring continuous improvement 
  • Ability to develop relationships and enable strong communication and collaboration across several locations
  • Ability to be a trusted, strategic leader that elevates development projects

Supervisory Responsibility:

  • This position directs a team of engineers and data science staff.

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