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Delivering Excellence: Meet Arrive’s 2023 Carriers of the Year

05 Apr 2024
Category: Blog
Author: David Vidri

Without the extraordinary service providers we’re proud to call partners, we could not fulfill our mission of delivering for the customers who count on us to keep their businesses moving.

With that, we’re proud to announce our 2023 Carriers of the Year. Choosing just 20 from our vast network of outstanding core carriers wasn’t easy, but the partners on this list excelled in several areas. Not only did they perform exceptionally well on our scorecards, but they also excelled in building relationships, proactive communication and the countless other invaluable intangibles that define service excellence. 

To the carriers on this list, thank you for your relentless pursuit of perfection, customer obsession and unwavering commitment to our shared success. We are proud to recognize your tireless efforts and celebrate your impressive accomplishments. Here’s to many more years of delivering together!

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Over the past two years, our professional relationship with American Furniture Warehouse Co. has grown significantly. We started with a few transactional loads and are on track for our best quarter to date.

What sets them apart is their attention to detail and focus on relationships. They care about sustainability, prioritizing loads that minimize deadhead and enhance efficiency, and always honor their contracted lane commitments. They have also facilitated valuable solutions such as trailer pools.

I also appreciate how our relationship has grown on a personal level. I’ve had the opportunity to meet drivers and visit their facilities, and our team has been to every terminal in person.

Cameron Chorens
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Thank you to Arrive Logistics for this honorable recognition. Your team has played a role in our success by getting lanes that keep our fleet on track. Thank you again for all you do for American Furniture Warehouse — we look forward to continuing the strong partnership between our businesses!”
Jessica (Jessi) Beaman-McCracken
CO-OTR Assistant Manager

I’ve worked with Bettaway for some time. Their trailer business and truck-to-trailer ratio are truly impressive. I can think of several instances when they earned the trust and respect of our customers by stepping up with winning solutions when same-day pickup or delivery disruptions occurred.  

I also appreciate our shared values off the road. In December, we collaborated on a project with Wreaths Across America, moving loads of wreaths from the Northeast down to a Florida cemetery to honor fallen soldiers. Professional partnerships like this are special, and I feel fortunate to work with the Bettaway team.

Alex Wallace
Strategic Solutions Associate

There's nothing more rewarding than being recognized for a job well done. This honor highlights our team’s skill, hard work and superior service. Our partnership has enabled us to expand into new markets and kept our trucks rolling during the market downturn. We share similar values around teamwork and collaboration, establishing an enduring partnership that helps us excel and continuously improve our performance. Thank you for this recognition. Here’s to a future focused on relentlessly pursuing excellence for our customers.
John Vaccaro
President of Bettaway Supply Chain Services

Luxury Delivery Service, Inc. was my first carrier at Arrive. Five years later, their approach to treating us as a partner and valued customer is still invaluable. Their commitment to excellence sets them apart, and we’ve built an enduring partnership rooted in mutual respect and shared customer obsession. 

Their track record with dedicated lanes is impeccable. They’ve never once given a lane back, demonstrating their commitment to reliability and service. Today, our partnership exemplifies what’s possible when working towards common goals with respect, dedication and a commitment to excellence.

Hanson Perry
Executive Carrier Sales Representative

I started working with R&R Packaging, Inc. in 2023, and they’ve become instrumental in servicing high-volume packaging customers across the Northeast, Midwest and Central/Southeast U.S. Their exceptional communication and real-time tracking deliver transparency and efficiency from pickup to delivery, fostering trust and reliability that keeps them on the road month after month.

The R&R team understands this is a 24/7 business and is always ready to go. I never have to ask for shipment updates because they provide them daily, and that proactive approach saves me so much time. They consistently exceed service expectations through operational excellence and are truly a standout partner in our network.

Daniel Garza
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

We are thrilled and honored to be one of Arrive’s 2023 carriers of the year! This recognition means a great deal to us and is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our partnership with Arrive has been instrumental in our growth and success, helping us expand our fleet to 45 trucks to offer customers greater coverage. Their support, efficiency and dedication to excellence have been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing to work together to deliver exceptional service.
John Holt
Director of Logistics

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Unifi for four years. Our partnership is built on transparent communication and trust. They set themselves apart through elite service, reliability and swift issue resolution, and seeing them take on new lanes and markets has been exciting. The sky is the limit for this partnership, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Jackson Howard
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Working with the Aleman team for six years has been great. They stand out for their drophook expertise, reliability, competitive rates and unparalleled communication. I can call David directly anytime, even after hours, to get the updates I need to help stay ahead of any potential issues. It’s a testament to our long history, mutual respect and investment in one another’s success. Aleman’s exceptional service has made them a preferred carrier for many customers over the years, and I know that will continue moving forward.

Ryan Jones
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

I have been in this business for over 25 years and have never had a better broker than Ryan Jones. He is available 24/7 and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. He has even helped while out sick to support us in covering trucks on the weekends! That level of dedication is extremely rare in this business. He is in a league of his own! I also can’t say enough about his assistant, Diego Vergara. He works hard to keep their operation running smoothly and is always available to help in any way he can.
David Aleman

Altex has been making an impact at Arrive since day one, and it’s been fun to watch their business grow. Their standout service is rooted in proactive communication and the valuable insight of their dispatchers, many of whom have driving experience. Our personal and professional relationship is great. We talk daily about our respective family lives before diving into business. We even have plans to visit each other this year, which I’m looking forward to. Altex truly earned its spot on this list, and I’m excited about our where our partnership is heading.

Patrick Savedra
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

From expanding our fleet and hiring more skilled team members to landing new business opportunities, we've experienced significant growth through our partnership with Arrive. Your support and collaboration have been invaluable, and we're excited about what’s ahead.
Nikita Ivanochko
Logistics Operations Manager

Working with Rob, Randy, Stephanie and the Arctic team is an honor and a pleasure. I can always rely on them to deliver top-notch service, timely communication and professionalism. They have become invaluable to Arrive, and I look forward to the future of our relationship. They fully deserve Arrive’s Carrier of the Year award. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done and continue to do!

Thomas Hardiman
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Our partnership with Bay & Bay Transfer Co., Inc. has been going strong for three years. Their temp controlled service has always been outstanding, and we are on track to keep delivering in 2024. Their team is reliable and works proactively, so I can trust they will always quickly resolve any issues that arise.

Zach Zaleski
Executive Carrier Sales Representative

Canamex-Carbra Transportation Services Inc. was one of the first carriers I worked with when I started at Arrive five years ago. We have grown together thanks to their ability to seamlessly manage dedicated and spot freight, align with backhauls and consistently demonstrate outstanding operational agility. 

Over the years, Keith has become a friend and mentor. He and the team are always willing to step up when it counts. During last year’s auto strike, they maintained dedicated lanes and leased additional trailers at no additional cost to Arrive or the customer, showcasing their commitment to delivering best-in-class service.

Hanson Perry
Executive Carrier Sales Representative

Echo Express has proven to be a best-in-class partner and has contributed meaningfully to supporting several major accounts with expedited capacity.

Due to their dedication and strong operations, they have scaled their support without compromising service. Their 24/7 tracking team meticulously monitors every shipment, and their live updates give shippers an added layer of visibility. The results of their dedication are clear, as they now have a flawless record of managing shipments without delays or breakdowns.

Beyond the numbers, working with Jeff and Michael has been a highlight of my time at Arrive. The strong relationship we’ve built and our shared commitment to service excellence will make them an invaluable partner to Arrive for years to come.

Matthew Slutsky
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Over the last four years, Erives Enterprises, Inc. has become an indispensable partner. They move signficant volume across different modes with Arrive and consistently exceed delivery expectations on challenging lanes.

From operational excellence and proactive communication to providing daily truck lists and promptly addressing potential issues, the team’s dedication to customer success is clear. Their willingness to be flexible and prioritize customer needs is a testament to their commitment to true partnership. And with minimal disruptions and consistent, timely deliveries, their reliability is unmatched.

A recent visit to their El Paso operations took our personal relationship and professional partnership to the next level, and I look forward to growing together.

Michael Miketinas
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

We are humbled to receive this award. Thank you to my brilliant team for getting us here. What we've already achieved together has significantly impacted many lives. We’re excited to roll up our sleeves and continue this journey with even greater dedication. If we've made this much progress in just one year, imagine what we can accomplish in two, three and beyond. Thank you to Michael and the Arrive team for your unwavering support!
Ricardo J. Garza
Operations Manager

I love working with the Jones team. It’s rare for everything to work flawlessly in freight, but their communication has been a cornerstone of our success and will no doubt be a key factor in our future achievements. Our partnership has already grown significantly, and I know it will only get better from here.

Kevin McCormack
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Thank you for this incredible award. Arrive has devoted countless hours to ensuring we have everything necessary to move from point A to point B and even connected us to several lane opportunities that allowed us to expand operations in key areas. You guys consistently go the extra mile to meet our needs whenever there's been an issue, and despite the freight market's fluctuations over the past year, you made it feel like we never missed a beat.
Cory Earp
Over the Road Operational Manager

K & B Transportation, Inc. has been delivering for our key reefer customers for over four years. The team shares our commitment to customer obsession and building a collaborative partnership. Their ability to hit OTD even after breakdowns or other exceptions is remarkable, and they are always quick to resolve issues in a way that puts the customer first. I’ve worked with hundreds of carriers in my time at Arrive, and K & B continues to be one of the absolute best.

Patrick Fox
Executive Carrier Sales Representative

We appreciate Arrive Logistics and the essential service they provide our business. Whether finding a specific lane to help a driver get home or filling a gap within our network on any given day, they are professional, dependable and detail-oriented. Their booking portal matches efficiency with common sense and is a great tool for all our planners. Thank you for helping us be sustainable during the ebbs and flows of the trucking market!
Chris Rager
Planning Supervisor

Since 2017, McGuire has excelled as a dedicated carrier for our key food services accounts. Their growth reflects their ability to adapt and scale effectively, along with a commitment to exceptional communication and real-time truck tracking, which have helped us exceed client expectations time and time again.

The trust we’ve established is another reason for our shared success. We recently had a dedicated lane customer who needed additional trailers in a pinch. Maguire made it happen, allowing us to avoid service disruptions, showcase adaptability and strengthen the customer relationship. The McGuire team continues to blow me away, and I’m proud to see them on this list.

Blake Glenn
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

We have a long-standing relationship with Arrive Logistics and appreciate this recognition. The communication with Arrive is top-notch, which goes a long way in our line of work. Blake Glenn, our point of contact, has been fantastic in staying on top of our daily needs and introducing us to new freight opportunities. Thank you again for this award. Here’s to many more years of business together!
Ron Mcguire
Vice President

Working with Millhouse over the last ten months has been awesome. They’ve already established committed capacity lanes and supported us in expanding our business with customers. They’re a go-to carrier thanks to their rapid tracking updates, unparalleled response time and commitment to service excellence. 

My professional and personal relationship with Alex Korolchuk makes the inevitable challenging days in this business feel easier. I’ll never forget when he reworked a trailer at the last minute after a load shift and still delivered on time. That’s just one of countless examples of how this team goes above and beyond. I’m so grateful for the partnership and excited about growing together.

Jared Roy
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

Our partnership with Arrive has been a game-changer. Their generosity, expertise, work ethic, ability to connect us with valuable prospects and unwavering commitment to our mutual growth set them apart. They also take the time to grasp the intricacies of our operations, enabling them to provide tailored solutions and foster trust and reliability in our partnership. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership and achieving greater heights together.
Alex Korolchuck

Our partnership with Navajo Express has flourished over the last year. From their commitment to service excellence and building strong relationships to unparalleled responsiveness and adaptability, the Navajo team consistently goes above and beyond for Arrive and our customers.

Navajo is always quick to resolve issues. We once had to reroute a shipment two hours from the original destination, and they handled it. When a load issue occurred last Fourth of July, their VP of Dispatch answered my call immediately and worked with me to resolve it. That level of dedication is rare, and these guys deliver it daily.

Eric Hinkelmann
Senior Carrier Sales representative

Quickway Transportation, Inc. has been an outstanding partner for the last three years. Their reliability and commitment to consistently meeting our needs exemplify their dedication to Arrive’s success and that of our customers. They treat us as a valued partner, not just another transactional customer, helping to elevate our service and deliver results that lead to more opportunities. It’s a win-win-win partnership for everyone involved, and I’m excited to grow the partnership this year and beyond.

Hanson Perry
Executive Carrier Sales Representative

White Horse welcomes every challenging lane I send their way and consistently exceeds customer expectations. In addition to outstanding communication, they stand out for providing top-tier drop trailer service and creating designated emails for each dedicated lane they service. It’s rare to find a carrier that communicates and services freight at such an elite level, and White Horse has set the bar for best-in-class service.

Paul and Sonnu are incredible business partners, but our personal relationship is great too. We had dinner together when they visited Austin last year. We had a blast, and it was inspiring to hear firsthand how much they love the work. I know this partnership will only get stronger from here.

Jordan Darr
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

In concert with quick and transparent communication, we have been able to expand our relationships internally within Arrive. In doing so, we have continued to secure additional opportunities to grow our business. We strive to model all our relationships after what we have built with Arrive.
Paul Sandhu
Founder / Owner

Witte Brothers Exchange is a reefer-only carrier on our committed capacity and dedicated lanes. They make this complex mode look easy. So many things make them stand out, but establishing trust through communication tops the list. They minimize unnecessary check calls by consistently connecting to ELD for auto-tracking and even provide additional online tracking. They also work proactively to avoid service failures and are always ready to provide alternative solutions.

It’s a highly collaborative partnership. For example, to avoid an influx of tracking emails, the Witte team created an automated system that consolidated all pick-ups and deliveries into one email update sent only a few times throughout the day. That may seem like a small change on paper, but the small things lead to the biggest wins. I can’t wait to keep growing with this team.

Eric Shim
Senior Carrier Sales Representative

It’s been a pleasure working with Arrive Logistics for the past year. You guys are easy to work with and have helped us secure loads to help our drivers keep moving. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to the future with Arrive.
Vaughn McDowell
Director of Operations

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