This spring is shaping up to be an exciting one for the Austin tech scene. Across the city, tailwinds are gaining speed while companies gear up for a quarter of new opportunities.

Take brand success platform Loomly, which is focusing its efforts on scaling operations — in terms of both its team and its infrastructure — to keep up with major industry shifts to e-commerce and remote work.

And Studio X, an innovation incubator, is rethinking current methods of working and workflows in the energy exploration space. The goal? Provide necessary resources to foster faster and more efficient exploration.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about the innovation, growth and development happening across the city, Built In Austin caught up with leaders at five local companies. They filled us in on their plans for the future and the impact of their work — on both their business and the industry proper. Here’s what they had to say.

Arrive Logistics

Lucas Curfman, VP of Product Management

What is one of the most important focuses for Arrive in the coming months?

Over the next several quarters, our team will be deploying a key set of personalization features in our proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) that will deliver an experience to our users tailored to their everyday work. This will greatly reduce the amount of effort it takes for every user to do their jobs with all of the relevant data, everything from pricing to customer history and predicted costs, in a seamless UI that notifies or alerts on key events that require their attention and are prioritized according to their role in the business.

What impact will this have on the business and your industry? 

In the freight industry, the saying “time is money” could not be more true. There is a very linear relationship between the volume of shipments a brokerage like ours is capable of moving and the number of people we have on our team. That’s where we have been changing the approach to growth in our space, developing a sophisticated co-pilot with our TMS to enable our teams to move and cover more freight faster, with a better price and a better customer experience than any other broker on the market. Our mission is to be the smartest, most efficient freight brokerage powered by technology, and delivered by our people.


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