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7 Austin Companies Where Adventure Awaits for Top Talent

05 Nov 2019
Category: News
Author: Evan Pundyk

Job hunting can feel like a job itself when you spend hours researching companies, scouring career boards and rewriting cover letters…and you’re not even getting paid (yet). Matching your skills to the job description is only half the battle, though. You want to make sure the office culture is a good fit for you, which requires digging deeper.

We did some of the legwork for you. The following seven Austin companies are hiring all levels of tech talent, and shared with us their unique traits and office culture. From community outreach to axe throwing, there’s something for everybody.


Being in charge of cybersecurity for over 15,000 partners is a tall order. That’s why Duo Security makes sure they take time to offer support to all their hardworking Duonauts. Design Thinking Coach Elayna Spratley explained how kindness goes a long way in the office.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

There are not a lot of big egos. Everyone is smart and curious. This curiosity makes many people open to hearing about new ideas from anyone. I have not encountered anyone getting caught up on titles or roles. It’s the flattest organization I’ve ever worked at. I can approach anyone.

What’s one trait all the members of your team share?

I believe we are kinder than necessary! I was told in my first week at Duo that this is a trait that they look for in Duonauts. What’s amazing is that everyone I work with lives up to this and beyond. Whenever I need support there is someone to share their time or skills toward the effort I’m working on. I feel very supported and cared for by my team.


Medallia helps connect companies with customer engagement through cloud-based software. Global Head of Sales Development Marshall Schram told us why a “team-first” mentality creates an atmosphere where employees are happy to come to work.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

We have a sales organization with a “team-first” mentality. When you walk through the door at Medallia, you can see reps at each other’s desks, checking in with one another, offering suggestions and helping each other on prospecting or strategy. Our employees value each other and want to see each other succeed. The end result is that people are genuinely happy to be here.

What’s one trait all the members of your team share?

Hard work, trust and positivity all come to mind. This is a team that lives out our values, with a common goal of partnering with stakeholders and meeting our customers where they are.


Arrive Logistics is a freight trucking brokerage platform that believes the key to success is investing in its employees. EVP of Sales Jason Zwirkosk shared how an intensive training program sets up new recruits for success.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

Arrive Logistics invests heavily in the success of our people and it shows in our retention and unprecedented growth. Our teams have a wide variety of resources to help them scale their careers from day one. In sales, for example, we start our reps out in an intensive six-month learning and development program, arm them with proprietary technology to maximize their efficiency and give them constant access to industry veterans.

What’s one trait all the members of your team share?

The Arrive Logistics team is a modern workforce of highly-trained, always-on, problem solvers. Our teams are made up of individuals who are highly motivated and ambitious with proactive personalities and strong self-management skills. These organizational traits allow us to build enduring relationships both within our walls and with our partners.


The people who work at Iodine Software are passionate about creating software that will improve the healthcare system. Valerie Nelson-Ray, senior manager of program management, said that a vigorous hiring process is the foundation of a committed and talented team.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

One thing that would surprise people about Iodine is how genuinely amazing the team is. Our Iodine hiring process is rigorous because we want to ensure that we’re populating our team with people who set the bar high for themselves both personally and professionally. The value of working at a company where you know that your co-workers are just as invested in doing what is right cannot be understated. Part of our intentionality in hiring means that you feel just as comfortable tackling tough problems with your co-workers as you do participating in team-building events, like axe throwing.

What’s one trait all the members of your team share?

There are multiple traits that our Iodine team members share. One is humility, meaning that we do what needs to be done without letting our individual egos get in the way of collective, shared progress. Another is the constant striving to do better. As a company, we’re very agile and although we recognize the tremendous success we’ve had in the past, we never take anything for granted. We encourage new ideas and empower others to dream big. We care about one another, the work that we do, our clients, our end users and the healthcare industry as a whole.


ThousandEyes builds visualization and analysis tools for businesses to improve their customers’ digital experience. Director of Sales Optimization Ryanne Murphy said that making her team feel seen and valued creates a winning atmosphere.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

We truly embody our mission, which is to improve the quality of the internet and to improve the quality of life. With how much technology proliferates in our lives, it’s amazing what the impact a particular technology or tool can have. We hear from customers all the time how our product has helped them deliver stronger results in their jobs, and work more efficiently among their internal teams and with external partners. It feels good to know that what we do matters.

What’s one trait all the members of your team share?

One of our Sales DNA principles is “no limits.”  We demonstrate exponential thinking, dream big, inspire our peers and act as the spark for change. I would say this is a common theme across the tribe.


LogicMonitor is a SaaS program that aims to unify servers, storage and networks into a single solution for IT enterprises. Marketing Specialist Elizabeth Bryant told us that connecting with the Austin community empowers her team to better exemplify the company mission.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

We are a purpose-driven company. Our team is made up of unique individuals and diverse minds that fuel our company’s shared vision: to expand what’s possible for businesses by powering the technology behind them.

Throughout the year, we celebrate this diversity by hosting and participating in events throughout the community. Whether it is marching in the Austin Pride Parade, hosting Women in Tech Meetups, or volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club, employees are empowered to pause their day-to-day work to connect with the community and give back.

What’s one trait all of the members of your team share?

Every single team member at LogicMonitor is invested in their area of expertise and in our customers and their success. Everyone here is making an impact on moving the needle for our customers, and the future of LogicMonitor. Our culture is deeply rooted in this purpose-driven mindset which is why it’s important for us to maintain an environment where team members feel valued and stay committed to customers.


Cognite is a software company that digitally unlocks data from disparate systems in order for it to be operational. The only thing faster than the company’s operations is its growth. President of Cognite North America Francois Laborie said a staff from 38 countries and diverse backgrounds is accelerating their expansion.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

Speed. Cognite has grown from zero to nearly 300 employees in less than three years. In that same time, we have expanded from our headquarters in Oslo to here in Austin, and soon, Japan. And more expansion plans are in the works.

Speed is a hallmark of everything we do. When we develop solutions, we move fast and try new things rather than exhaust the solution space. But speed doesn’t come at the cost of impact. We’re in the business of developing products that deliver real value, not prototypes.  It’s rare to see individuals, teams and companies move at the speed that Cognite has moved. But we never set out to be the best industrial digitalization company in Norway. We set out to be the best in the world.

What’s one trait all the members of your team share?

All of us are driven by a vision that the industry needs to be powered by algorithms, which will free up human creativity for greater pursuits. To reach that goal, we have built a diverse, interdisciplinary team that combines technological know-how with deep domain expertise from industries such as oil and gas, shipping and manufacturing.

That commitment to our vision is what ties us all together. It’s one of the main reasons why we have been able to achieve the growth we have seen over the past three years.


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