Laura Kyrk — Indiana University

Where did you go to school?

Indiana University, Bloomington

How did you find Arrive?

I found Arrive, or rather, Arrive found me on LinkedIn. At the time I was happily employed elsewhere but times change and I wanted a change as well. Four months later I went back to my LinkedIn inbox and asked to chat about what Arrive had to offer and what I had to offer Arrive.

I decided to pursue Arrive because of the genuine people I met and the hustle I felt in the office. It was contagious!

What keeps you here?

I come here everyday and I work with my friends. These are all people I met here within the last year. The culture is outstanding and the support I get from my peers and managers is unmatched.

Have a bad day? Someone will always cheer you up.

I enjoy being on the Carrier Sales side because I truly feel like I am helping my carriers solve business problems. Yes, there are never-ending challenges but solving problems and learning how to manage them not only helps you in your career but outside of work too. At the end of the day this job can be extremely rewarding.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads?

Never say never and take a second look at those LinkedIn messages (especially if it’s from Arrive).

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