Sarah Kerrigan – Kansas State University 2020

The Arrive team is made up of talented and hard-working employees who come from a variety of universities across the country. We sat down with Sarah Kerrigan, Business Development Representative, to learn more about her experience at Kansas State University and her advice for soon-to-be college graduates.

Where did you go to school and how did you first hear about Arrive?

Before coming to Arrive, I interned at a different 3PL where I got my first experience working in supply chain and logistics. One of my friends at Kansas State received a job at Arrive and recommended that I check it out. I met with Sagel Trachier on our recruiting team at my school’s career fair and that’s how I got into the interview process. I later accepted a position here as a Business Development Representative and started in July 2020.

How did you become interested in going into supply chain and sales?

I started out as a Marketing major. While going through the classes to earn my degree, I took a few sales classes and really enjoyed them so I decided to switch to a more sales-focused academic path. 

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

My favorite part of my role here at Arrive is the freedom I have and the challenge that this role brings. It’s almost like having my own business. I have complete ownership of my job, and I’m 100% accountable for my work and my customers. It makes me feel like I’m truly making valuable contributions to the company as a whole.

What keeps you at Arrive?

I stay at Arrive because of the people. My manager and higher up people in the company are very involved in everything we do and always take the time to say “hi” and get to know me. Even people who are on other teams know my name. Everyone here wants to know you and wants to see you be successful. 

Have any advice for soon-to-be college grads?

My advice for soon-to-be college graduates is to find a company that aligns with your personal goals. If you want to be hardworking and success is on your mind, choose a company that prioritizes your success. A company’s culture should reflect your personality. 

If you could go back in time and tell your college self one thing, what would it be?

I would tell myself not to stress too much about the little things. Everything happens for a reason, and in time, you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.

For someone about to start a career in logistics, what would you tell them? 

Go for it and be confident. This job and this industry are really about how much effort you put in. The more work you put into the job, the more success you’ll get out of it. Go all in right from the start and run with it.  

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