Kyle Costner – Miami University 2017

Where did you go to school?

I attended Miami University and studied Finance at the Farmers School of Business. I was in Delta Kappa Epsilon and was apart of the Broom-ball Club. I like to think Miami shaped me into the man I am today. #RiseUpRedhawks

How did you find Arrive?

I was scrolling through a college job posting board when I stumbled upon Arrive. Seeing that the CEO and President had gone to Miami stuck out to me and peaked my interest. I decided to pursue the opportunity because of the energy in the office when I had my on-site interview.  Everyone was so friendly and answered all 100 of my questions.

What keeps you here?

The potential to make a substantial amount of money in such a quick period of time. I’ve seen people my age change their life by landing just one big account. There might be ruts where it seems like I’m not getting much traction but if you keep hustling the results will come.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads?

NEVER GRADUATE! Just kidding. Postgrad life is nice because you’re not paying for your beer with quarters. Keep staying positive on your job hunting journey. I applied to 30+ jobs before I found the perfect fit for me. Who knows, Arrive might be the perfect fit for you too!

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