Alex Masek – Texas A&M University 2016

Where did you go to school?
I attended Texas A&M University and earned my degree in Business Management from Mays Business School (WHOOP). I was a student athlete on the fightin’ Texas Aggie softball team, as well as a SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) representative for my sport.

How did you find Arrive?
So the best thing about Texas A&M is the Aggie Network, which ties all Aggies together, both current students and alumni. We have an online portal that posts jobs for Aggies, which is where I stumbled upon Arrive Logistics. The job description asked for individuals who are hardworking, driven, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and a few other details that seemed to align with my personality, so I jumped on it. From my first onsite interview, I just felt good vibes. I truly felt like I could achieve success here, and loved the potential and growth that Arrive had to offer. People are also a big deal for me. If you work with them 50 hours a week, they should be people you want to be around. I immediately loved the the Arrive family. Oh, and the free lunches of course. A girl’s gotta eat.

What keeps you here?
As a former softball player, I come from a sport where you experience failure the majority of the time. If you succeed 30 – 40 % of the time, you’re considered an amazing player, so you get accustomed to failure. It’s part of the game. In retrospect, the low moments sure are low, but the high you feel off your successes makes up for each low by tenfold. That feeling of being in a 4 game slump and finally getting a hit is unlike any other. That’s the feeling I get here when I succeed. I can get told “no” all day long, but when you land that book, or land a whole new account, it makes up for all those “no’s” you hear day in and day out. THAT is what keeps me coming back. I’m addicted to success and achieving new heights. I love the idea of growing a book of business and expanding my horizons, and that’s what my position allows me to do.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads?
I would advise any recent college grad to give yourself different options. Look into different fields and different cities. You never know where your heart will lead you, or where you truly belong until you jump in and see for yourself. I would also advise to open your horizons. I never thought I would end up in freight, yet here I am, loving it!

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