Irvin Magana – The University of Texas at Arlington 2017

Where did you go to school and how did you first hear about Arrive?

I graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington in December of 2017. I earned my degree in marketing from the university’s College of Business. Growing up, my dad owned a trucking company so I was familiar with the supply chain and trucking industry. I later heard about Arrive from a friend I went to high school with who worked here, so I applied!

What’s your favorite part of your job and what keeps you here at Arrive?

My favorite part of my job here at Arrive is the ability to grow both professionally and also personally. The people at Arrive and the relationships I’ve built are what keeps me here. I love the people who I work with day in and day out, and working at Arrive keeps me constantly surrounded by good people and good energy. I’m constantly learning so much which also makes me want to stay. All of my mentors here have taught me so much and have given me the right skillets to succeed. 

Have any advice for soon-to-be college grads?

My advice for soon-to-be college grads is to be open to any industry. You might find that you’re interested in something you hadn’t thought of before. I’d also recommend choosing a career in an essential industry as well as a career that is both fast-paced and fun. 

If you could go back in time and tell your college self one thing, what would it be?

Looking back, I would tell myself to learn how to take feedback and apply it. 

For someone about to start a career in logistics, what would you tell them? 

For someone just starting out in the industry, I would tell them to start practicing a good work ethic right away. Our industry can be challenging, so it’s important to be committed to set yourself up for success. As you begin learning, be sure to keep an open mind and take in everything like a sponge and apply it. 

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