Bobby Puetz – University of Illinois 2016

Where did you go to school?

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising at the University of Illinois Campaign-Urbana. I wasn’t involved in too many organizations during my time in school, but my attendance record was pretty solid!

How did you find Arrive? 

Like most recent graduates I’m sure, I graduated with a ton of anxiety over not knowing how difficult it would be to find the right job for me. I went on LinkedIn and applied to about 50 different companies in a variety of industries, and Arrive jumped out as a unique opportunity to be a part of a young company achieving so much success so quickly. During my interviews it became clear to me that Arrive is a company that fully invests in the success of its employees, and they have proven it every day since my start date.

What keeps you here?

In a sales position, so much of your success depends on you being able to remain positive and upbeat throughout the work day. The office atmosphere at Arrive is constantly buzzing with energy and good vibes that can keep you fresh on the phones all day long. Besides the atmosphere, I love being able to see your own growth. When you can see your numbers continue to go up month to month, it’s kind of hard to put the phone down.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads? 

I read somewhere that good companies hire character and train skill. If you are a motivated and passionate person by nature, the right company will scoop you up and give you the skills you need to succeed.
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