Leland Adams – University of Arkansas 2019

Our Arrive employees come from a variety of amazing universities across the country. We sat down with Leland Adams, Carrier Sales Representative, to learn more about her experience at the University of Arkansas and how that led her to begin her career at Arrive.

Where did you grow up?

I was originally born in Cleveland, Ohio, but moved when I was young and spent most of my childhood in Austin, Texas. I went to college at the University of Arkansas where I graduated with a degree in supply chain management and a minor in marketing. 

How did the University of Arkansas lead you to working with Arrive?

I didn’t realize this before attending Arkansas, but it has a large connection with the transportation industry. I got into the business school and was undecided until I took my first class in supply chain. I found the industry interesting and enjoyed the fact that it focuses more on communication than crunching numbers all day. I saw an opportunity to apply for Arrive on Linkedin, killed the interview and have been here ever since June of last year.  

What keeps you at Arrive?

The transition into working for Arrive was actually pretty easy and much more enjoyable than most jobs because it is so rewarding. The access Arrive offers to its employees allows them to excel and make a lot of money which most jobs out of college do not. Even though Arrive is my first job out of college, the vibe is so much better than anything I’ve experienced. I’ve worked for a magazine company in a call center and even a hands-on factory, but the team atmosphere at Arrive is incomparable. 

What is your advice for soon-to-be graduates?

Some advice for soon-to-be graduates would be to try and gain as much information about a chosen industry (the one you find the most interesting) and show it off at your interviews. The more knowledgeable you are, the more passionate and committed you make yourself. 

Most importantly, always be on time! Being on time is so important, and reputation is everything in business. Time management and communication go a long way in any professional setting. 

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