Kyle Bush – University of Texas 2016

Where did you go to school?
I am a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. During my time on the 40 Acres I was involved in a wide variety of organizations but the two organizations I invested the most time in were the fraternity I was a member of, Phi Delta Theta, and Cru — a Christian ministry at UT.

How did you find Arrive?
The number one thing I valued in my job search was staying in Austin. So when I saw the posting for a young logistics company in Austin on LinkedIn I figured sending out another application couldn’t hurt. When I showed up for my interview I really didn’t know what to expect from the company, but from my first step in the office I knew Arrive was the right fit for me. The main reason I accepted my job offer from Arrive was I saw everything the company did set its employees up for success. From the open floor plan where everyone feeds off one another’s hustle to their extensive training process which fully equips its trainees for long term growth everything at Arrive is centered around the employees.

What keeps you here?
There is no such thing as a monotonous day in the office at Arrive. From the second you walk through the door there is no telling what kinds of problems you will have to solve, how your book of business is going to grow, or what the market is going to be like. As a recent graduate in the logistics industry I am able to learn something new every single day. Free lunch on Fridays and the casual dress code don’t hurt either.

Have any advice for soon to be college grads?
At times the transition from college to the professional world can be hard. Friends move away for jobs, you now have a totally different schedule, and there is a lot of newness in this phase of life. In any company you join as a young professional you should make sure you surround yourself with people who are going to challenge and sharpen you in your skills as well as people that you genuinely enjoy being with.

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