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Arrive Hosts First Ever Winter Externship

16 Dec 2020
Category: Blog
Author: David Vidri

This winter, Arrive Logistics is hosting its very first Winter Externship! We spoke with two members of our recruiting team, Campus Recruiter Rachel Browning, and Recruiting Operations Manager Sagel Trachier, to learn more about the details of this exciting opportunity.

What is the definition of an externship?

An externship is a learning opportunity within a workplace for students to learn more about a particular business. These opportunities are unpaid, temporary programs designed to benefit and develop the student. Participating individuals see how different parts of a business work together while gaining hands-on experience. 

Why did Arrive decide to host an externship program?

We decided to host an externship to provide students with an opportunity to learn about Arrive and explore career opportunities. Due to COVID-19, we transitioned our summer interns to a virtual program that allowed them to continue to have the same learning opportunities they had in the office, and we wanted to continue this. 

As an employer, we are committed to providing a platform for students to learn more about a corporate environment while also developing an early talent pipeline for us. We see this as an opportunity to teach students about an industry they may not have considered yet, and we want to make an impression on them.

What is the Arrive externship?

Arrive’s winter externship is a two-week exploratory program created for college students. This winter, we have 24 students participating from 13 different universities across the country. Those participating will learn about Arrive and hear from leaders across our business. Students will see how these individuals got started and what their teams do each day to contribute to Arrive. They will also get a look into each part of the business and explore their interests across our different verticals. 

What can students expect to do and learn in an Arrive externship?

Students can expect to get a glimpse into each department at Arrive including sales, technology, accounting, marketing, recruiting and more. They will see the functions of each department and how everything comes together. Externs will shadow top sales representatives and get hands-on experience working on projects to develop knowledge of our business and the logistics industry.

What skills will students learn during these weeks?

Students will work hands-on with software programs the Arrive team has built and learn several sales and negotiation tactics. Along with technical skills, students will develop soft skills including collaboration, public speaking, relationship building and critical reasoning. The externship program is designed for externs to collaborate with other externs and start building their own professional relationships with one another. 

Who is the ideal candidate for this opportunity?

Our ideal candidate is any college student who is interested in learning more about Arrive or business in general. Many of our externs this winter are freshmen and sophomores, but we also have several upperclassmen. We seek out candidates who are curious, energetic, reliable and most importantly, driven. We want students who are going to show up and take advantage of this time. This is an opportunity where students will truly get out of it what they put into it. 

How will the externship prepare students for a career in logistics, or anything, after college?

Regardless of whether students decide they want to go into logistics or something else, each student will learn how to sell themselves and how to highlight the value of what you’ve done both here and in the past. This externship will prepare students for all business opportunities and job interviews. For those who are set on a career in logistics, this externship will show how third party logistics brokerages are run differently than traditional corporations and will give them an idea of what to expect at not only Arrive, but in the industry.

Why is it important for students to take advantage of these opportunities while they’re still in college? 

Great schools and degrees are important, but the number one thing we look for when hiring candidates is experience. It’s important for college students to take advantage of opportunities like our externship and get as much experience as possible before graduating. Not only will experience help students learn about what they like, it will also help them identify what they don’t want in a career. A student in this particular externship might realize sales isn’t the career for them, but could discover they enjoy the accounting side of the business and want to go down that path. 

I want to participate in an Arrive externship! What should I do next?

Although hiring is closed for our Winter Externship, we’ll be hosting a Summer Externship! Keep an eye on our Arrive careers page for details to come about how to apply.

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