We know getting paid fast is a top priority. As you talk with your Arrive representative, they will ask for certain documentation to get you set up for payment. However, we know you’re busy, and you will have lots of conversations with your representative, especially related to the loads you are working on. 

So here is a simple list of the documents we need to get you paid! 

Documents Needed

Send all of the following required documents to invoices@arrivelogistics.com.

  • Carrier invoice 
  • All pages of the signed Proof of Delivery (POD) 
  • Rate confirmation 
  • All approved accessorial documents and receipts previously approved by your sales rep
Payment Terms

Default payment terms are Net 30 from the date all required documents are received. You can select standard terms or our QuickPay option of Net-2 for a 2% fee, through TriumphPay. To learn more about managing your invoices, payment terms, and payment method with TriumphPay, please reach out to your Arrive representative to claim your profile now.

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