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Day in the Life – Abby Penland

20 Jul 2021
Category: Blog
Author: Evan Pundyk

Here at Arrive, we’re constantly adding new talent to our teams. As we continue to expand across all departments, our outstanding recruiters are a huge part of how we’re able to find amazing individuals to grow the Arrive family. This week we sat down with Abby Penland, Senior Corporate Recruiter, to learn more about her role on the Recruiting team, what she likes to do outside of the office and why she loves Arrive.

How did you learn about Arrive and start working here?

I first learned about Arrive from a few friends I had from Indiana University who worked at the Chicago office. When I moved to Austin, I also had friends who worked at the Austin office so they referred me for a Carrier Sales Rep position. I fell in love with the energy and culture during my interview, and I officially started in 2017!

What does your daily routine look like?

I thrive on structure and consistency, so an average day for me definitely has a routine. I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee. Before work, I try to make a point to either hit the gym, go on a run or take my dog for a walk. After a full day of work, I’ll typically make dinner, hang out with my boyfriend and spend time with my dog. 

What does an average day in your role look like?

An average day in my role as a recruiter involves a lot of different things. I’ll usually start my day by reviewing emails from candidates. Whether it’s emails, phone calls or scheduling and conducting interviews, I try to be very efficient when working with candidates. I also spend a lot of time conducting meetings with hiring managers, pipeline management, reviewing applications and resumes, extending offers and reviewing offer negotiations. 

What do you look for in potential Arrive team members?

It really depends on which role I’m recruiting for. The main attributes I look for are people who have a go-getter attitude, enjoy problem solving, want to improve processes and are ready to bring new ideas to the table. In any role, I always want someone who is comfortable with change and ambiguity, can adapt well, is a team player and has a collaborative attitude. 

How has your role at Arrive evolved?

I first started at Arrive as a Carrier Sales Rep for about six months. The Recruiting team reached out to me about a spot on the team, and that’s when I made the transition to recruiting. I started as a Sales Recruiter hiring talent for Carrier and Business Development rep positions. I’ve been able to grow and progress on the team and am now a Senior Corporate Recruiter. I focus on hiring for teams such as finance, accounting, marketing and people operations. 

What are your goals as a recruiter?

No matter what position I’m hiring for or who the candidate is, my main goal is to provide each candidate with the best possible experience. I try to over-communicate and be as transparent as possible when it comes to things such as the hiring timeline and compensation. Another top priority of mine is to present top talent to hiring managers. I try to have a clear understanding of what the hiring manager is looking for and find the right talent for their team.  

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to do anything outside, whether that’s taking my dogs for a walk, going on hikes around Austin or taking our boat out on Lake Austin. I also enjoy working out, group fitness classes, cooking, happy hours and hosting parties. I recently bought a house, so I’m also loving buying new furniture and decorating. 

What is your favorite part about being on the Recruiting team?

I love working with everyone on the Recruiting team, and I’ve really enjoyed watching our team grow over the past three years. We’re a very collaborative group and have a fun team atmosphere. Everyone on the team is so passionate about what they do and I love seeing each recruiter really own and grow into their role. I also enjoy having the opportunity to work with different leadership across the business. It’s really cool to be in a role where I’m at the forefront of Arrive’s growth, it’s been so impactful and rewarding. 

What keeps you at Arrive?

I love the people here at Arrive and enjoy being part of all the growth that is happening. I’m excited to see what the growth will look like 6+ months from now, seeing new teams and how we’re developing in the market. I also enjoy all of the collaboration and the social aspects of the company.

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