Arrive Logistics is made up of a variety of unique individuals who all have something special to bring to our team. We sat down with Audrey Guerra, Principal Product Manager on the Product Management Team, to hear more about an average day in her role and why she loves working at Arrive.

How did you learn about Arrive and start working here?

I first learned about Arrive from my manager, Lucas. We previously worked together at another company so I reached out to him about the position, and he referred me. Then I officially started my career at Arrive at the end of March 2020. 

What does your daily routine look like?

I have a 3-year-old son, so he acts as my alarm system and gets me started for the day!  After I make breakfast and drop him off at daycare, I return home to my in-home office and start my work day. I usually have a busy morning, and then I’ll take a break to make some lunch. After an equally busy afternoon, I’ll pick up my son around 5:30 p.m. We’ll spend the evening having dinner together and will usually take the dog out for a walk. After bath time, story time and putting my son to bed, I’ll catch up on TV shows before heading off to bed. 

What does an average day in your role look like?

My role as a Principal Product Manager involves a variety of tasks throughout the day. I do a lot of interviews and meetings. When I’m not in meetings, I’m usually making sure my backlog is in order, talking with stakeholders and doing whiteboarding sessions. My team also does a variety of team building activities to be more connected as a team.

What do you prioritize in your work?

As a Product Manager, we build roadmaps to communicate with stakeholders to determine what we’ll be focused on for the coming months. Their priorities become my priorities. These are generally different initiatives and business goals. 

How has your role at Arrive evolved?

I first started focusing on building out our carrier portal for carriers to directly view and book loads. Then I took on both internal and external initiatives, improving technology for carrier representatives as well as taking on external initiatives for our external portal. My additional responsibilities included cost prediction, top spend automation and matching algorithm 2.0. About a month ago, we reorganized the product team, and my focus has now shifted entirely on carrier external. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

Before the pandemic, I spent a lot of my time hanging out with friends, going to concerts and movies and checking out new restaurants. The past few months I’ve spent a lot of my free time working on creative DIY home projects or watching plenty of cartoons with my son. 

What are your goals for the year?

My personal goals are to exercise more, eat healthier and get some more greens into my diet. I’m also focusing on getting less screen time and spending more time outdoors. As far as professional goals, I’m focused on successfully delivering on my roadmap and doing my best to execute and get the business where we need to be at each quarter. 

What keeps you at Arrive?

I really enjoy the camaraderie between my team at Arrive. I like that both myself and the stakeholders have the same goals and want to accomplish the same things and work as a team to solve problems. I also appreciate the flexibility and understanding Arrive has and that I am able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Arrive truly cares about employees and the well-being of our health both mentally and physically.  


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