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Day in the Life – Rachel Browning

26 May 2021
Category: Blog
Author: Evan Pundyk

The people here at Arrive are our greatest asset. Thanks to our outstanding Recruiting team, we’re always adding talented and unique individuals to the Arrive family. We sat down with Rachel Browning, Intern Program Manager, to learn more about her role on the Recruiting team, why she loves Arrive and what she likes to do outside of the office. 

How did you learn about Arrive and start working here?

I first learned about Arrive when I was looking for my first job out of college. I was in a temporary position after I graduated, and when I saw Arrive in my search, the culture and mission caught my eye. I spoke with the Recruiting team and learned more about their goals and values and it perfectly aligned with what I wanted for myself. I’ve now been here for about a year and a half and I’m so happy I made the decision to join the team. I love having an impact on new Arrive employees and fresh initiatives we can bring into the company. 

What does your daily routine look like?

I’m definitely an anti-morning person. I usually wake up with just enough time to get ready for the day and spend a few minutes with my cat. She has anxiety when I leave for the day, so I always try to get in some quality time with her before I go! I’ll typically work through lunch, but I usually try to give myself a lunch break where I’ll scroll through TikToks or watch an episode of whatever I’m currently binging. My current favorite show to binge is Hell’s Kitchen! After the workday, I’ll typically get a workout in and make dinner, or sometimes go out with my boyfriend or some friends. I try to be intentional with my time and find a good work-life balance. 

What does an average day in your role look like?

Every day is different in my role, but typically I’ll start my day off by checking my calendar and emails. After getting myself situated, I’ll make sure candidates who have interviews that day are good to go. I’ll go through resumes and see if there is anyone I need to follow up with. I typically have about six calls a day. However, right now my role is a little different because we are weeks away from starting our summer internships! Most of my time is spent planning our intern program out hour by hour and week by week, I really enjoy it! This is my first time doing programming but I am loving it a lot and I see how much value it adds to our organization. 

What do you prioritize in your work?

When I’m working with students at different campuses, my priority is coming across as a company they can see themselves at. Whether someone wants to pursue a career at Arrive or not, I want them to know that I am always a resource to them. Every conversation or meeting that I have, I want you to come out of it knowing that I am someone you can come to for career advice and that my relationship with that individual or university is stronger than it was before. That is how I would define my success. I never want to close a door, and always ensure Arrive is an option. 

How has your role at Arrive evolved?

I started at Arrive as a Recruiting Admin before COVID happened. My role mainly consisted of giving tours and scheduling on-site interviews. I was always running around the office ensuring candidates made it to their interviews on time. Once COVID hit, I transitioned into our accounting department for about five months, and then I later started as the first Campus Recruiter at Arrive. After a few months, I was promoted to my current role, Intern Program Manager. My role has evolved a lot and I’m now actually planning out programs and events for our students. Whether it’s our internships, externships or even webinars, I’m always planning out ways to continue to build relationships and make something fun and educational. There is so much growth in this space.

How has Arrive grown since you first started?

When I first started at Arrive, there were about 600-700 employees and I already thought it was wild how much the organization had grown. We hadn’t even created our own TMS yet, but it was being talked about and we were all so excited. We now have more than 1,000 employees and I think the biggest way we have grown is our mentality. We have really matured and developed. The idea of empowering the ambitious shows the growth we’re moving toward and I really admire that about Arrive. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love hiking, that is my favorite thing! I love discovering new hikes in and around Austin and finding hidden gems I didn’t know existed. Outside of Austin, I love going to big bend, I’m just obsessed. There’s nothing better than being out in nature and seeing the stars. Along with the outdoors, I enjoy working out and just hanging out with my friends. We all have a similar mindset and enjoy discovering new places to eat and drink. I also love thrifting! 

What keeps you at Arrive?
I love working with the people here and my team. I enjoy working for a company that is continually evolving and that genuinely cares about its people. I feel like when I’m working here, I’m doing something bigger than myself – it’s very fulfilling. I really feel like I’m making a big impact. The people, the culture, the growth and the fulfillment are all things that keep me here at Arrive.

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