It likely does not occur to folks outside the logistics industry that truck drivers are essential to our way of life. Nearly everything we own and experience at one point was transported by the dedicated people who do the driving. This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which is an important opportunity for everyone to show gratitude to the drivers who work tirelessly ensuring there are no disruptions to our modern lives. At Arrive, we never lose sight of who does the heavy-lifting, and we know that we are uniquely positioned to make the drivers experience a positive one.

Matt Pyatt CEO of Arrive Logistics recently sat down with Michael Vincent at FreightWaves, during the FreightWaves Carrier Summit, to talk about freight forecasting, and during that discussion, Matt hit on the philosophies that guide how Arrive Logistics partners with and values carriers.

Prioritize Long-Term Relationships and Carrier Needs
As a broker built on relationships our commitment is to our partners. We know best-in-class service means considering every variable. Carriers can work with anyone, and we set ourselves apart by making sure we understand their wants and needs and following through on our commitments.


Don’t Waste Their Time: Match the Right Carrier With the Right Opportunity.
Knowing those carrier needs, we can assess if a load is a good fit before calling them. We work to match the right load with the right carrier every time which saves everyone (both carrier and shipper) time.

Offer Gratitude At A Human Level.
As David Rivers, EVP of Strategic Partners at Arrive Logistics noted in an article after he did a ride along with Wayne Thornhill of Baxter Logistics, truckers are quietly excluded from the comfortable, modern lives that they make possible for most Americans. Knowing the daily sacrifices truckers make, our carrier representatives try to exceed their drivers expectations. That can mean many things, last week it meant Adam Swade met up with a driver to deliver pizza, and Kathryn Lewandowski spent the afternoon in Hinsdale Oasis handing out gift cards asking truck drivers what we can do better. Our team knows we thrive when our partners thrive.

If you’re interested in watching the full FreightWaves Carrier Summit video, you can find it here. And be sure to thank a truck driver this week!

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