Josey Kuzniewski – Central Michigan University 2021

Not only does Arrive have a variety of outstanding employees, we also have outstanding interns! We sat down with Josey Kuzniewski, our current Sales Recruiting Intern and also a current student at Central Michigan University. Josey shared details about her experience as an intern, her advice for other college students seeking internships and why she loves being at Arrive.

Where do you go to school and how did you first hear about Arrive?

I’m currently a marketing and professional sales major at Central Michigan University. I’m planning on graduating at the end of this year, December 2021! I first found out about Arrive online when I was researching and seeking out internship opportunities. Arrive immediately stood out to me, and I started as an intern on the coverage team last summer. Now I’m back as an intern on the recruiting team! 

How did you become interested in interning at Arrive?

Although the logistics industry appealed to me, what really sparked my interest in being an intern here was Arrive as a whole. The quick growth of the company in the past few years blew me away, and I saw Arrive as a company that wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon. The minute I stepped into the Arrive office in Chicago for my second interview I saw the energy was unlike anything else. 

What’s your favorite part of your internship? 

My favorite part of interning on the recruiting team is talking to so many different individuals who are potentially going to grow Arrive and contribute to the company’s success. I love talking to people, so this is the ideal internship for me.

What do you love most about Arrive?

Along with the culture everyone at Arrive loves, I really love and appreciate everyone’s willingness to help out one another. There is a real bond seen among everyone at Arrive, and I love the support and the desire everyone has to see each other succeed. 

Have any advice for other college students seeking an internship?

My advice would be to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Even if an opportunity feels out of your comfort zone, just go for it and take a chance. Always stay in the mindset of go big or go home.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing before starting this internship, what would it be?

I would remind myself to never be afraid to ask for help and be bold in everything you do. When I first started as an intern, Arrive’s Director of Carrier Operations, Nick Smith, talked to all of the interns and said, if you want to be successful in sales you always need to do one better than the best. That advice has always stuck with me and I would want to pass it on to anyone else just starting out. 

For someone thinking about choosing to intern at Arrive, what would you tell them? 

I would tell potential interns to choose a company where you see yourself in their most successful people. When I first interviewed at Arrive and saw reps at work, I thought to myself that I wanted to be like them. Arrive feels like a home away from home, and I think that’s an important thing to look for when seeking out internship opportunities. 

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