I recently attended the 2022 FreightWaves Future of Supply Chain conference. The event drew folks from across the supply chain and logistics world to discuss the state of the industry today and how current trends might play out moving forward. 

I also had the opportunity to join Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway for a live recording of their Bloomberg podcast, Odd Lots. We covered a lot of ground — from freight recession rumors and the impact of the deflationary market on carriers to tech adoption trends and why I believe great people are still the cornerstone of a successful brokerage. 

Read on for a few key takeaways and listen to the full podcast on SpotifyApple or Google Podcasts.

Contract freight will remain king as deflationary pressure on spot rates continues.

The freight market is cyclical, so it will eventually reach equilibrium and then flip. 

The foundation of a great brokerage is exceptional people, processes and technology. 

Build dynamic tech that optimizes your processes and solves customer problems. 

Strategic hiring is a game-changer. 

Offering the right load every time. 

Nothing matters more than building relationships and delivering unparalleled service. 

Recent industry innovation and investment are only the tip of the spear. 

We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can be the best in our corner. 

Why we prioritize building lane and corridor density. 

Small lanes offer big opportunities. 

Photo Credit: Jim Allen/FreightWaves

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