It’s easy to get stuck in the trap of only hiring employees and leaders from a pool of applicants with industry experience. However, bringing in people outside your respective industry can lead to new ways of solving old problems. Michael Senftleber, CTO at Arrive Logistics, discusses why you should bring in the best talent regardless of industry experience and why product driven leadership is crucial. Tune in!


Arrive Logistics is one of the fastest-growing freight brokerages. Logistics, perhaps more so than many other industries, is seeing a big shift toward technology beyond traditional IT. Michael Senftleber, CTO at Arrive Logistics, is one of the people leading this charge.

Unlike many professionals in the logistics industry, Michael came from a product background. On this week’s edition of Innovation and the Digital Enterprise, Michael discussed why product driven leadership is so beneficial to hiring. Listen to the episode for Michael’s thoughts on diversity of background and its impact on problem solving.

  • (01:24) – Arrive Logistics
  • (04:45) – Customer connection
  • (08:06) – Design tools
  • (12:18) – Multiple domains
  • (15:19) – Efficiency/productivity arc
  • (17:40) – Cloud first
  • (19:16) – Accelerating adoption
  • (27:24) – Building the core

Innovation and the Digital Enterprise is hosted by Patrick Emmons of DragonSpears, and Shelli Nelson of Madison Industries. Throughout Patrick’s career, he has helped highly-regulated enterprises with measurable transformation, through the adoption of Enterprise DevOps, Cloud Native Computing and Data Platforms. DragonSpears partners with their clients to build an innovation engine by working with their engineering teams to deliver software faster and more efficiently. Shelli is currently the Managing Director of Madison Industries. Previously, she led HR teams at Spot Trading, Ibbotson, and Legacy Marketing Partners, consistently achieving organizational transformation by identifying the best talent to build a culture of engagement, agility, and innovation.

Photo Credit: Innovation and the Digital Enterprise Podcast, original podcast posted here: https://innovation-and-the-digital-enterprise.simplecast.com/episodes/product-driven-leadership-with-michael-senftleber

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