This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and this year more than ever is a time to appreciate the men and women making daily life possible by delivering the supplies and resources people need. 

Truck drivers have played an especially crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic, transporting goods under challenging conditions and higher risks. 

This week we want to show our gratitude to the 3.5 million professional truck drivers for their dedication to a vital and demanding profession. Without their work, our lives would look very different, and we are grateful for every truck driver on the road. 

To commemorate this week, Arrive Logistics is donating to Truckers Against Trafficking, an organization dedicated to educating and mobilizing the trucking industry to fight human trafficking as part of their regular jobs. As the eyes and ears of our nation’s roadways, the trucking and busing industries are driving change in the fight against human trafficking. 

Join us in donating to this cause by making a donation here. This week as you are on the road, show gratitude to the truck drivers you see; their dedication is what keeps our country running.

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