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The 21 Best Companies For Sales Hiring Right Now

09 Sep 2020
Category: News
Author: Evan Pundyk

In order to be a successful salesperson, one has to be able to master one of the most difficult skills: being good with people. While engineers and developers in the tech industry can turn to coding bootcamps or workshops to build on their skills, the path to success in the sales industry can be a little bit more circuitous. Since powerful sales teams are built on strong relationships with clients, salespeople need to be able to keep both company and client knowledge on hand at all times, while also maintaining the charisma and drive to ensure that those relationships flourish. Being apart of a sales team can be tough, but the rewards are worth it. Sales teams work hard and play hard, and since they are often at the frontlines of a business’s growth, salespeople are often integral players in the story and culture of their company.

Above all else, what makes any salesperson succeed is a strong sense of camaraderie with their peers. While companies look to recruit outstanding and charismatic salespeople for their teams, sales professionals likewise should look to join companies that place a strong emphasis on company culture and community. When salespeople are given an environment in which they can not only succeed as professionals, but flourish as people, everyone benefits.

Check out these 21 sales companies hiring right now that encourage their employees to shoot for the stars.


Arrive Logistics sells logistics and shipping technologies to brokers looking to elevate their services. Their service model provides clients with both cutting-edge technological tools and technical support from their skilled staff of logistics experts, making it easier for brokerages to deliver the best to their customers.


CrowdStrike provides enterprise clients with comprehensive, cloud-integrated security technologies designed to protect business data at every step of its lifecycle. Working with clients on projects ranging from maintaining healthcare data confidentiality to protecting election security, CrowdStrike’s technologies are capable of effective implementation in a broad range of industries and use cases.


Modernize‘s specialty is real estate technology, and their team works to connect licensed contractors with home-owning clients seeking infrastructural and cosmetic improvements on their home. Their foundational focus is on renewable energy upgrades, putting homeowners in touch with construction companies that can perform installations of solar panels and other clean energy products.


Drift’s flagship product is a revenue acceleration platform with which enterprise sales teams can onboard and retain customers more efficiently. Trusted by over 50,000 companies across the country, their conversational marketing platform utilizes technologies ranging from video to email in order to power quick transactions.


LeanIX is a SaaS company that provides advanced products and services to companies looking to modernize or completely overhaul their existing IT infrastructures. With industry leaders like Adidas and DHL among their clients, LeanIX has worked on projects ranging from improving cloud security transparency to consolidating critical enterprise data.


Percy’s goal is to bring more personality to the hiring and recruiting process, providing clients with both technologies and professional support to make hiring easier and more rewarding. Their approach to recruiting support is to combine cutting edge tech with human expertise, capturing the best of both worlds and helping companies find candidates who both match specific criteria and stand out as people.


GoHealth’s team is envisioning new ways to transform and better the American healthcare system, offering a streamlined platform through which users can navigate insurance plans and pricing with ease. GoHealth prides itself on its company culture, which has earned the company several Best Places to Work list placements and accolades from organizations like Deloitte.


MoLo Solutions facilitates transactions between shippers and truckers in the logistics industry, making it easier for both parties to transport cargo to their final destinations. Their team of logistics and sales experts support their clients in streamlining their supply chains and expanding their carrier networks by connecting them with peers in the logistics industry.


Farmer’s Fridge aims to make healthy, farm-grown food accessible to all, partnering with farmers to craft nutritious and healthy meals and then distribute them through a network of smart vending machines. Their unique food distribution model has earned them positive press in publications like Inc., USA Today, Fast Company, Tech Crunch and the Chicago Tribune.


Pax8’s purview is cloud technology, and their sales team helps companies adopt cloud marketplace technology to elevate their operations and meet their objectives. Pax8 centralizes billing and provisioning operations, helping simplify cloud purchasing and selling processes for their partner companies.


BombBomb works with enterprise clients to help them realize the power of video content to convert leads and increase ROI. Their team simplifies processes like recording and distribution, empowering companies to quickly and intentionally strengthen their relationships with their customers.


Personal Capital offers financial planning and wealth management services to clients all over the country, providing free online financial tools with which customers can manage their finances and money in the long term. The company also offers support from experienced financial advisors, providing customers the option to create long term budgets personalized for their specific needs and goals.


PaymentCloud aims to revolutionize payment processing by helping high-risk merchants secure credit card processing systems, allowing companies more leeway to pursue expansion and growth. Their team of industry professionals have deep knowledge of the credit card processing market, and as such they aim to provide their clients with solutions that are both cost effective and efficient.


BloomNation works specifically with clients in the niche florist industry, assisting them in developing digital ecosystems and bringing their business into the e-commerce market. The BloomNation team aims to empower smaller floral shops to compete with large retailers online by building a consolidated digital community marketplace where customers can discover local shops and place online orders.


Who What Wear is both a media company and an online retailer, delivering contemporary fashion-related content as well as a marketplace for size inclusive and affordable garments. Subscribers to Who What Wear’s content site receive newsletters and style guides via email, and their content is aimed at providing both style advice and access to an online directory of stylish clothing options that don’t break the bank.


By consolidating restaurant reservations into one unified platform, Resy makes it possible for restaurants to improve the experience for their guests. Over the course of their lifespan, Resy has partnered with over 4,000 restaurants in over 200 cities, and has been able to find seating for over 200 million diners across the country.


Signpost’s proprietary software supports businesses in utilizing consumer data to hone their services and strategies, collecting relevant data from emails, phone calls and payments to build more targeted sales approaches. Designed for use by small businesses, Signpost’s platform and services help companies build powerful consumer relationships on par with those of larger enterprises.


DojoMojo helps companies in all industries elevate their marketing initiatives with the help of giveaways and sponsored content, strengthening their digital channels and giving them more opportunities to connect with customers online. Their services have been adopted by some of the largest companies in the country, with a client roster that includes names like Casper, Cosmopolitan, Harper Collins and WellPath.


Outreach’s flagship product is a sales engagement platform that leverages technologies like AI and machine learning to help companies discover more insights into their customer behavior and needs. By turning raw data into accurate predictions and holistic customer profiles, Outreach helps companies increase their ROI and reduce churn by providing tools to fine-tune their approach based on each customer’s needs.


VideoAmp’s team serves the advertising and media distribution communities, providing a data-powered software platform that allows customers to curate and optimize their campaigns to have the highest impact possible across all channels. VideoAmp provides support in gathering exposure and audience data that their advertising clients can use to better understand where and how their campaigns are having an impact, allowing them to make choices about where to expend energy and where to cut ads.


RingDNA is a sales engagement platform designed to optimize phone sales, providing sales teams with the tools to build stronger relationships with customers and turn opportunities into closings. RingDNA’s technology platform is trusted by some of the biggest names in the tech industry, including Hewlett Packard, Twilio, Nutanix and Autodesk.

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