It’s your first day at your first job. Now what?  We sat down with Tony Hammonds, our head of development, to find out what he looks for in new hires and what they can expect.

“I focus on hiring committed people that are good culture fits and then we promote engagement at every turn”, says Hammonds.

Hiring the right people

The number one attribute we look for in a potential hire is unwavering commitment. Grit and ambition go along way for me. We need people who know themselves well and can demonstrate a history of following through on commitments. I get a lot of pleasure out of finding a driven person who is excited to learn and put their best foot forward. Those are the people that we can train into being truly exceptional supply chain professionals.

Finding a culture match

Logistics is inherently complicated and I understand that our industry can be intense for new hires. This is one of the reasons Arrive Logistics has taken a lot of pride in building a fun, exciting and supportive culture. When we have a new hire that feels like he or she is a part of something bigger you can see the difference it makes in their development. A good culture fit is much more likely to test themselves and embody the training we offer.

Promoting engagement

Every step of the process is designed to help new hires think critically and make good decisions. When you work in logistics you need to make hundreds of decisions a day at a quick pace. In order to get a new rep to that point we strategically break our training up into parts including industry training, operations training, specialty training, sales training and a continued education taught by leadership.  All new hires start in the classroom, are paired with an experienced mentor, and receive months of coaching. There are no shortcuts.

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