A Q&A with Chief Capacity Officer, Justin Frees

Arrive Logistics recently announced two new carrier initiatives to exceed carrier needs – a partnership with TriumphPay and an online freight portal, Carrier EDGE. We sat down with Justin Frees, Chief Capacity Officer, to learn more about the “why” behind Arrive’s carrier obsession and focus on elevating the carrier experience.

What does “Carrier Obsession” mean to you?

To me, Carrier Obsession is about prioritizing the needs of our carriers and making their lives as easy as possible. We know the details matter, so we do everything we can to make things easy for them. We listen. Instead of forcing freight on carriers and letting them think that because we’re the bill-to, we call all the shots, we start by asking them what they want. How do they want to work with us?  What are their pain points? What administrative burdens do they go through? How can we cater our team and tech to fit into their business seemingly? Listening to our carriers is key to understanding how we need to do business with them.

How is Arrive’s commitment to carriers different from other brokerages?

Carriers have a lot of options of who to work with, and the overall experience is the differentiator. Even if we are offering our carriers the best rates and the best lanes, if working with us isn’t easy, they’ll take their business elsewhere. For Arrive to be a leader in this space, we need to provide the best overall experience by asking questions, listening and investing.

What insights were the carrier-centric initiatives based on?

Arrive is about ease of doing business, so we are always asking for feedback. We conduct year-round surveys and work with our collaboration carriers to get constant, constructive feedback. Last month, we received more than hundreds of responses with thousands of unique data points. This feedback helps us understand what initiatives we needed to put in place to make our carriers happy. We strive to understand what is most important to them and to identify what their pain points are. 

Now that Arrive has implemented new carrier initiatives, what’s next?

Our tech is just beginning. We’re going to be adding new features all year long and into 2022. In addition to new payment and technology initiatives, we are working on creating new carrier programs and to better understand the challenges carriers face on a more detailed level. We are also kicking off a carrier loyalty program. 

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